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The date listed on the Superintendent’s contract is the original date of employment when he was hired by the Dearborn Board of Education in July 2015 and reflects the current terms of employment for the Superintendent.  In accordance with section 22, the contract is automatically extended by one year to maintain a continuous three-year agreement if the Superintendent is rated as Effective or Highly Effective. On June 19, 2023 the Board and Superintendent approved a letter of agreement that changed the date of the annual evaluation cycle. This agreement is listed below. The Superintendent was officially rated Highly Effective by the Board of Education on August 21, 2023 thus extending his official current contract to August 31, 2026 per the language in the Letter of agreement dated June 19, 2023. 

Superintendent Contract

Letter of Agreement: LOA between the Dearborn Board of Education and Superintendent Dr, Glenn Maleyko: Evaluation Timeline and Contractual Year. June 19, 2023


DFT Contract 2018-23


ADSA 2018-23 Contract

ADSA 2020-21 School Year – Letters of Agreements

ADSA 2019-20 School Year- Letters of Agreements

ADSA 2017-18 School Year- Letters of Agreements

ADSA 2016-17 School Year- Letters of Agreements




DSOEA 2018-23 Contract

Noon Hour Supervisors



AE Contract 2019-2023