Human Resources Department

Important Forms and Links

DFT – Forms and Links

Shared Time Program for Fall 2022-DFT Article XXXVIII and Form – (Will be updated as soon as available)
Dearborn Teacher University Handbook – Valuable information about certification, mentoring, professional development, etc.
DFT Health Insurance Welcome Letter
DFT Sick Bank Application
Highly Qualified Teacher Information
MCL-380-1249– Teacher and Administrator State Legislation Link – Law pertaining to evaluations
Partial Tuition Reimbursement ASD 2023-24 School Year
Partial Tuition Reimbursement EL Form
Sample Lesson Plans
Shared Time – Bulletin and Application **Due February 24, 2024**

Special Area Teacher Stipend Form
Teachscape Training Site
Transfer Form DFT **Due April 1st, 2024**   (Please read Policies if your are submitting the Transfer Form) This transfer form is for transfer requests for the 2023-24 school year-(OPEN for the 2024-25 School Year)
QR Code Frequently Asked Questions

DFSE and DSOEA – Forms and Links

DFSE Sick Bank Application
Engineer Transfer Form 2023-24
Tuition Reimbursement and In-service Credit Program
Work Rules-Non Instructional Staff
Building Operation Specialist (B.O.S./ Engineer Training Program Guidelines
Reimbursement form for GSRP CDA / Grounds HiLo Certificate / DSOEA Certificate/License

Extra Pay Assignment Job Descriptions

Athletic Extra Pay Assignments-Job Descriptions
Non-Athletic Extra Pay Assignments- Job Descriptions

Requisition, Recommendation, and Reassignment Forms

ADSA Reassignment Form
Adult Education Requisition Form  (2023-24 School Year) Updated 6/15/2023
Adult Education Recommendation Form (2023-24 School Year) Updated 6/15/2023
DFT – Instructional Requisition Form  (2023-24 School Year) UPDATED 6/15/2023
DFT – New Hire Recommendation Form  (2023-24 School Year) UPDATED 6/15/2023
DFT – Reassignment Form  (2023-24 School Year) UPDATED 6/15/2023
DFSE/DSOEA – Non-Instructional Requisition Form (2023-24 School Year)
DFSE/DSOEA – Non-Instructional Recommendation Form (2023-24 School Year)
Green Sheet /Non Classified/NI Requisition Form (2023-24 School Year) Updated 6/15/2023
Green Sheet/Non Classified/NI Recommendation Form (2023-24 School Year) Updated 6/15/2023

Substitutes / EduStaff

EduStaff Substitute Feedback Form The form should be filled out by an admin, then upload it here.
EduStaff Injury Forms
—–EduStaff Substitutes Injury Procedure
—–EduStaff Substitutes First Report of Injury
—–EduStaff Substitutes Authorization For Treatment
Sub Code Form