Human Resources Department

Lesson Plan and Objectives Samples


Sample Language and Content Objectives Map,

General Administrators Meeting May 2nd and 3rd, 2013

1. Please discuss the following questions

What are the components of an Effective Lesson Plan?

What are the common things needed in a lesson plan per our district initiatives?

2. Please Evaluate the Lesson Plans Below.

SIOP-Formative-RA strategies Edsel Sample

Lesson Template1 landscape Edsel

Content and Language Lesson Plan William Ford Sample

Lesson Plan Template Unis Sample

SIOP related one

SIOP related Two

Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Structure

Secondary Mathematics Plan

8 Practices DOK questions

Oakman Kindergarten Sample

Oakman Sample 2

Oakman Sample 3

Oakman Sample 4

Geer Park Example

lesson plan template bryant

Bryant Sample 2

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