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Dear Dearborn Public Schools Employee

We are excited to be beginning another school year in Dearborn! Our three required annual trainings are now available online. Please follow these links to complete the training modules along with short quizzes and the Response to Bullying Behavior annual staff survey.

Once you click on the link you will enroll by using your district network login name and password. If you have any trouble logging in please contact the help desk at 73003.

Response to Bullying Behavior:

Office of Civil Rights (OCR):

Bloodborne Pathogen:

Some of you have already completed the training at the beginning of the year in-service. If that is the case you do not need to complete the training. Please be advised that all employees must complete the three above listed training on an annual basis.

For additional information or troubleshooting click here. Posted by Dr. Maleyko and Mr. Patterson. 

Glenn M. Maleyko, Ph.D.

Executive Director Staff/Student Services

18700 Audette

Dearborn, MI 48124

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