Human Resources Department

New Hire Information and Forms- Non-Instructional Staff

This page is a guide to all Non-Instructional New Hires. It will be your guide to the paperwork that needs to be filled out prior to your hiring appointment with the Director of Human Resources/Non-Instructional. Please note that you need to fill out the online application before you fill out the paperwork listed below.

DFSE Handbook (1/24/2024)

Non-Instructional Cover Sheet/Checklist Use this form as a guide to the paperwork and documents that are required to be hired as a new employee.

Forms you need to print, sign, and return to interview:

Michigan Taxes Form

Federal Taxes Form

U.S. Department of Education Ethnicity Survey

Direct Deposit Form

Consent Form

Acknowledgement of Policies

Disclosure of Unprofessional Conduct Form

At Will Statement (For Substitutes only)

Public Act 68 form

I9-Expires 7/31/26 (Fill out page 1 only)

Forms you need to print and take to your doctor

TB Test (This form must be completed by your physician and returned)

Employee Health Record (This form must be completed by you and your physician and returned)

Informational Documents

Choosing Your Retirement Plan Video

eEmployee Sign-On Procedures