Academic Programs and Services Listing

Academic Programs

Blue Ribbon SchoolsDearborn Public Schools is proud to be home to nationally recognized Blue Ribbon Schools.
Career & Technical EducationFrom accounting to autoshop, Dearborn Schools offers students many choices to explore or prepare for careers.
Collegiate AcademyStudents blend a traditional high school experience with classes at Henry Ford College and complete both high school and an associate’s degree in five years.
Core CurriculumLearn about math, reading, science and social studies curriculum.
DCMSTThe Dearborn Center for Math, Science and Technology is a half day high school program for our highest achieving students.
Early CollegeHoused at Henry Ford College, these small high schools allow students to complete high school and an associate degree in five years at no cost to the family. The programs focus on medical, mechanical and teaching related careers.
Grading Guidelines for High SchoolDearborn Public Schools weights high school grades to place more emphasis on tests and less on homework.
Graduation RequirementsDetails on what class credits students need to graduate high school in Dearborn.
High school optionsFrom AP classes to assistance for struggling students, Dearborn Schools offers dozens of options for high school students.
Kids Club- Before and After School ChildcareSeveral Dearborn elementary schools offer Kids Club with paid before and after school childcare for students.
Michael Berry Career CenterMBCC offers high school students career classes in software, hospitality, medical and business fields.
Middle School ProgramsDearborn Public Schools offers art, languages, advanced math, music and more at its middle schools.
Newcomer College Prep Academy (NCPA)Dearborn Public Schools Newcomer College Prep Academy (NCPA) is an alternative high school designed to …
Preschool & Elementary School InformationDearborn Schools offers a robust elementary education, before and after school child care in many buildings, and free or paid preschool programs.
Student AppsApplications students can use to support their education including Moby Max, Study Island, E2020 and more.
Student Test OutsStudents may get high school credit for a class by test out – taking an exam to prove they have learned the material on their own.
Students with Disabilities – 504 PlansInformation on 504 plans for students with disabilities.
WDHS Video ProductionWDHS offers students hands on experience with every aspect of video production.