Dearborn Public Schools includes seven traditional middle schools and a special Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Middle School for our highest performing students.  Read on to see what we offer our middle school students.  If you have more questions, contact your middle school’s counselor.

Advanced Math

Seventh and eighth grade students who have shown they are ready are placed in accelerated math classes.  Pre-Algebra is offered in seventh grade and high school Algebra 1 is offered for high school credit in eighth grade.

World Languages

Depending on enrollment, Dearborn middle schools offer foreign language in seventh and eighth grades.  Options vary by school, but can include French, Arabic and Spanish classes.  The eighth grade year-long class is offered for high school credit.

Math and Reading Support

Each Dearborn middle school offers additional math and reading support during the school day to students who are performing below grade level.  This time is in addition to students’ regular language arts and/or math class and replaces an elective.

Middle School Music

The Dearborn Public Schools strongly supports music education. In grades 6 through 8, each of our middle schools either offers vocal and instrumental music classes to students during the day as electives, or if impractical because of low enrollment, as after school options.  Contact your middle school counselor or Lisa Meyer, Music Teacher Leader,


Seventh and eighth grade students, both boys and girls, compete in select sports against other Dearborn Schools.  Teams include basketball, swimming, track, football (boys only), and volleyball (girls only).  For more, visit the Athletics page.  (Note, STEM does not offer competitive athletics, but those students are allowed to participate with teams at their home middle schools.)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Middle School

Established in 2014, STEM Middle School is on the Dearborn Heights Campus.  The school is for middle school students who are academically high performing and have an interest in science, math, technology, and engineering.  STEM students are selected through an application and invitation process in the spring and are drawn from all of Dearborn’s elementary schools.  The school accepts 60 students per grade for a total school population of 180 students and 10 teachers.  STEM offers a rigorous curriculum by focusing on Project Based Learning and teaching the 21st Century Skills.  STEM is a school of choice, so parents must provide their own transportation to and from the campus each day.  For more information, contact: Oussama Baydoun, Assistant Principal, or visit the STEM School website.