Student Services

Student Services
18700 Audette St, Room 5
Dearborn, MI 48124

Director Student Services
Ibrahim Mashhour

Stacey Mendez, Secretary to the Director


Carol Ball
Ph: 313-827-3096

Mary DeSantis

Kathleen Shooshanian, Transcripts

Danene Charles, Coordinator for Affective Education

Scott Hummel, District Supervisor of Physical Education and Truancy

Manar Kodamah, District Liaison

Student Services

Attendance and TruancyUnder state law, parents/guardians must ensure student attendance at school.
Boundary Line ExemptionIn some unusual cases, the District will allow Dearborn students to attend a school outside their attendance boundary area. Dearborn does not accept out of District students.
Families in TransitionDearborn Public Schools ensures that all students, even those homeless or in transition, are provided with seamless educational services.
Free lunch and breakfastThe District provides free school lunch and breakfast to all kindergarten to 12th grade students. Students also may buy milk or other individual items.
School Attendance AreasView maps to see which areas attend each Dearborn Public elementary, middle and high school.
School Start and End Times
Student Code of ConductThe complete Student Code of Conduct, which spells out the expectations for student behavior in Dearborn Public Schools.
Student Enrollment and RegistrationDetails on how to enroll your child in Dearborn Public Schools.
TranscriptsGet a copy of your high school transcript for college, employment or additional education.
Work PermitsRequired work permits for teens seeking a job.