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Click Here for a more detailed list of job duties that are divided between department employees listed below.  Please attempt to read the list of responsibilities which will assist you with who you will need to contact.

Main Line  


Non-Instructional Job Hotline




Maysam Alie-Bazzi
Teacher/Admin Evaluations


Executive Director
Staff and Student Services
Robert Seeterlin
Hiring, Employee Discipline, FMLA, Leaves, Workers Compensation, Labor Relations


Director – Instructional
(DFT,ADSA, Exempt)
Nada Alamaddine
Hiring, Employee Discipline, FMLA, Leaves, Labor Relations


Director – Non-Instructional
(DFSE, DSOEA, Childcare, Noon Hour Supervisors, All Substitutes)
Stacy Sattler
HR Office Manager


Adm Assistant to Executive Director and Director-Instructional
David Hardoin
FMLA, Teaching Certificates, Tenure Dates, Mentor Program,Student Teaching


Secty IV, Instructional
Hala Dakroub
FMLA, Non-Instructional Salaries, Probationary Reports, Longevity


Secty IV, Non-Instructional

Kitty Shooshanian

HR Responsibilities: Fingerprints, Non-Instructional Job Fairs

Human Resources and Business Services Specialist
Joanna Matchnyski
Address and phone number changes, New Employee entries, Employment Verifications
Secty III, Employee Profiles
Carley Wall
AESOP Sub assignments. Hours: 6:30 am – 3 p.m.
Secty III, Substitutes


Human Resource Services

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