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“In a Professional Learning Community educators create an environment that fosters mutual cooperation, emotional support, and personal growth as they work together to achieve what they cannot accomplish alone.”

Dufour, Dufour, & Eaker.

Employee Advantages

There are many places you can work, but at Dearborn Public Schools we provide you with a career with opportunites to advance. Check out these benefits.

Security & Stability in a growing district

Dearborn is a growing community, gaining more than 10 percent population in the 2020 Census.  The district has experienced 30 years of student growth and stability.  We’ve had to build new schools and add on to existing schools to accommodate the growth in our community.  We employ 2,900 instructional and non-instructional staff in 40 schools and programs serving more than 20,000 students. Since 2017 we have had to hire more than 350 new professional staff.  We are the third largest district in the state, and we maintain a 96% graduation rate for 2021!

Support for new employees

Our district employs 1,450 teaching and professional staff members.  We support new teachers and foster relationships with experienced teachers to help you succeed.  Teaching is a tough job.  We have a robust and comprehensive Teacher University Program to provide training and mentorship to all new teachers.

personal and professional growth

If you have your eye on administration, we have opportunities in our Administrative Internship to help you get there!  If you want a leadership role, we have instructional coaching positions and other opportunities to help you grow personally and professionally.  If you are insterested in a career in skilled trades or as a building engineer, we have an  apprenticeship program available.


We offer low cost union dues, low cost health insurance, and participate in the state retirement system (MPSERS).  We offer tuition reimbursement for non-instructional staff so that you can enhance your skills.  We offer wage credit for experience as a certified teacher because we want the best teachers for our students.  We offer longevity pay increases because we want to invest in you and help you build your career with us.  We keep class sizes low with a 23-1 ratio in elementary schools and put the latest teaching technology in classrooms to help you provide a positive and current learning environment.


When we work together everyone wins.  We have a positive and collaborative relationship with all of our union representation.  This collaboration extends into all that we do and is best seen when the district works within the community to encourage partnerships with businesses, neighborhoods, and parents.  We strive to not only provide an outstanding education to our children, but to also be a strong asset for the community. We are engaged and actively making Dearborn the best place to live, work, and learn.


Dearborn Public Schools is proud of our award-winning administrative staff and visionary Board of Education.  Our district has programs to encourage and build leaders.  Our very own superintendent is an example of an employee that started as a teacher and progressed upwards to the highest levels of success.  We encourage hard work and promotion.  At every level we try to enhance skills and encourage excellence in all that we do.  Our community expects it, and we strive to meet those expectations.

Award winning

Dearborn Public Schools strives to be the best at all we do, and others notice.

Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko was named 2019 Michigan Superintendent of the Year and 2019 Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce Business Leader of the Year.  The district was also named among 45 national Districts of Distinction by District Administration magazine.  All four of our comprehensive high schools were named 2019 Academic State Champs by Bridge Magazine.  The district was listed as an Academic State Champ in 2018 for its growth in student achievement.

Five of our schools have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools – Haigh Elementary in 2021, Henry Ford Early College in 2021, Charles Lindbergh Elementary in 2019; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Middle School in 2018; and Becker Elementary in 2017.  Maples Elementary was named a 2018 national Distinguished School.

For employees, the district was recognized in 2018 and 2017 as among the state’s Best and Brightest in Wellness for ongoing programs to encourage healthy lifestyles in our employees.

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Work In Dearborn Schools


To learn about our schools, it’s important to first learn about the Dearborn area. The community is proud of the role this region has played in the history and development of Southeastern Michigan. It is a history that can be traced back to Native Americans living along the banks of the Rouge River. Some of the first Europeans to settle in the area were French fur traders and farmers. The first school in Dearborn dates back to the early 1800s and was a simple, one-room log cabin. This is quite a contrast to the 37 elementary, middle, and high schools that now span the district.

As Detroit and Chicago grew, Dearborn became a favorite stop for travelers making their way along the path that stretched between the cities. Today, a paved five-lane street, Michigan Avenue, still passes through the heart of Dearborn. Auto giant Henry Ford was born on a small farm in Dearborn. His accomplishments revolutionized the auto industry and brought the automobile to millions of people around the world.

Dearborn remains the World Headquarters of Ford Motor Company. Many schools in Dearborn carry the names of Mr. Ford and his family. Fordson High School, one of three public high schools in our district, was the first million dollar high school in the country and has been designated a Historical Landmark by the state of Michigan. This school district is part of a growing, vibrant, diverse area built upon quality education and outstanding city services. Schools, housing, and retail development complement the existing infrastructure to provide residents with a safe, stable community.

Each and every one of our schools is a great place for your child to receive their education. The district offers programs and services to meet the needs of all students.

Dearborn Teacher University

The goal of this program is to meet state professional development requirements, provide effective and timely support for all Dearborn Schools new professional staff and reduce non-contract renewals and resignations of probationary teachers.

Mentor/Mentee Program

As a new employee we support you with a robust mentoring program in which you are paired with an experienced teacher to help guide and enhance your first few years with the district.

Technical Support

Instructional technology can have a positive impact in the classroom.  We have instructional coaches who help you implement technology in the classroom.  We also have a technology help desk to answer questions and help you.