Special Education Office
18700 Audette • Dearborn, MI • 48124
Office:  (313) 827-7050
Fax: (313) 827-7061

Special Education Department Administrative Team

Mr. Mike Esseily
Director of Special Education
Office: (313) 827-7050
Email:  esseilm@dearbornschools.org

Ms. Nicole West
Special Education Coordinator
Office: (313) 827-7052
Email:  westn@dearbornschools.org

Dr. Rola Bazzi-Gates
Special Education Coordinator
Office: (313) 827-6564
Email:  bazzir@dearbornschools.org

Ms. Courtney Pletzke
Special Education Coordinator
Office: (313) 827-7741
Email: pletzkc@dearbornschools.org

Ms. Willanda Taylor
Special Education Coordinator
Office: (313) 827-7744
Email: taylorw@dearbornschools.org 

Ms. Tammy Fournier
Principal Howe Montessori/Special Education Coordinator
Office: (313) 827-7002
Email:  fournit@dearbornschools.org

Questions Related to Special Education Transportation
Ms. Zeinab Beydoun
Office: (313) 827-7059
Email: Beydouz2@dearbornschools.org

Requests for Special Education Records
Ms. Vicki Kort
Office: (313) 827-7053
Email:  kortv@dearbornschools.org


Our Vision
Dearborn Public Schools Special Education Department
Plan, Believe, Achieve

Our Mission

Through collaborative partnerships with families, students, staff and the community, Dearborn Public Schools Special Education Department will support and challenge our students with disabilities through the provision of a rigorous and individualized inclusive education, preparing each for life success.

Special Education Services

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