It is the policy of the Board of Education that acquisition of goods and services shall serve the best interests of the students, employees, and taxpayers of the Dearborn Public School District.

The Superintendent shall develop procedures that ensure all purchases made by the district are necessary, reasonable, and adequately documented; and that permit immediate action when the welfare and safety of students, staff, and the public are involved. All purchase related to federally grant funded purchases shall comply with the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (“Uniform Guidance”).

The Superintendent shall also establish a system to preclude the opportunity for conflicts of interest to arise between businesses / vendors and those employees, including Board members, who regularly exercise significant discretion over the award and management of district procurements. The Superintendent shall ensure that such system substantially conforms to standards and requirements set forth by the State of Michigan, and/or the district.

Procedures for the purchase of supplies, materials, and equipment shall be established in the Administrative Guidelines for Purchasing, and purchases made by the district shall be under the administration of the Purchasing Office. MCL 380.1267, 380.1274, MCL 380.11a, 2 CFR 200.317 through 200.326 et seq.