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iLearn Sign-On

iLearn Sign-On

Everyone can now sign in to iLearn without entering a user name and password. Find out how.

iLearn Lockdown Browser

iLearn Lockdown Browser

by Chris Kenniburg & Troy Patterson Students who cheat on tests should be VERY worried! Whether it is opening up a new tab and searching for an answer or logging out and logging back in with a different account ( or any number of creative ways students cheat), in...

Students Leading the Way

What happens when students become the teachers? We have a very powerful tool in iLearn (based on Moodle). We've trained teachers to take advantage of some of the powerful options available in iLearn. Our focus though, is always on student learning. iLearn provides...

iLearn Tips

Here are a couple of really good iLearn tips: Show items in gradebook with a score of 0 zero Hide Course Total score/grade from students

Dearborn Moodle Moot- Take 2

There is still time to register for the second session of the Dearborn Moodle Moot for 2017. If you want to become better at using iLearn (and enjoy some awesome ICE CREAM), register today. You will have a coupon code available (sent out earlier in an email) or...

iLearn Upgrade

Moodle (iLearn) 3.3 is now available. This is great news for us. We have been looking forward to the update since the beta was released. We will be upgrading immediately after school is dismissed in June. Impact So how does this impact teachers and students? iLearn...