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Standard Orders

Equipment used by the district is very different than equipment used for home use. Note that technology changes frequently. This page is updated so that users know what is available. This is not intended to be a completely comprehensive list of all items that we buy and use. Technology and needs change quickly.



Currently, we utilize Dell computers for most of our staff use. We currently have two different desktops.

Our current standard is the OptiPlex 7010. This is used in most applications.

For Foodservice, we have an OptiPlex 7410 small form factor with a touchscreen.

*Please contact Jean Brackett for a quote. 


Our current standard replacement monitor is a 24in ACER $95 (REMC #242525)

*Please contact Jean Brackett for a quote. 


Dell Latitude – 3540 ($578) – 15″ screen.*

*Microsoft Office: $54.29 – Must be ordered for Staff. 

*Please contact Jean Brackett to order.


Our current Chromebook selection is a Dell Chromebook. This was chosen after review. The keyboard, build quality, and durability were considered in this choice. We are currently purchasing TouchScreen Chromebooks.

Dell 3110 TouchScreen Chromebooks: $262.99

Dell 3110 Non-Touch Chromebooks: $239.99


Please contact Jean Brackett with an account number to order.

Chromebook Cart:

The cost for a cart to house 30 Chromebooks is $1,450.00.


Document Camera:

HoverCam Spark is $184.  

Projector & Whiteboard

Sometimes referred to by the old term of “Promethean Board”, if you are ordering a replacement for a classroom, here are the budgeting numbers:

  • White Board/Projector/Install      $3,493   Add $174 if extended cabling needed
  • Project/Install                                  $3,018   Add $174 if extended cabling needed

Please follow this link to place an order.

Please contact Data Image (248-960-0300) to order projector bulbs.  You will need to know the bulb #.  If you don’t have it, please contact your tech.


Headset with microphone

Headset with/out microphone



Wired Mouse: REMC #242319. .

Web cameras

Logitech C270


Logitech S150.

Classroom Audio

For classrooms that will utilize whole room sound. This would be for a standard-sized classroom. This includes 4 speakers mounted, an amp, two microphones ($1,498).
Installation is $200 per room.