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Well, if you’ve reached this page is it probably because you clicked on one of our test phishing emails. Or maybe, you are just curious and were hunting around the site (but probably the first one).

Anyway, please be aware that we need you to help protect our data.

Here are some resources:

Password Tips

Your new passphrase must be at least 10 characters long (but can be longer). Although your passphrase must be memorable (you are responsible for remembering it), it should not be easy to guess. Here are some tips to creating a memorable, secure passphrase:

  • Make your passphrase nonsensical. 
    • Use a variety of random words (at least 4 words)
    • Memorize a sentence or two and use the first character of each word.
  • Never use obvious personal information (do not use your birthday, a pet’s name, the street that you live on, etc.)
  • Never reuse passwords.
A comic on creating good passwords. Use four random common  words.
Here is a tip sheet embedded from the wonderful XKCD site.

You should NEVER share your passphrase (in fact, it is illegal to share your password). 

Remember, your password is the key to data and privileges. These are extremely valuable and must be protected.