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Here are some important links:

User Requests:

Student Chrome Extension Request – Approved Chrome Extensions for Students

Staff Chrome Extension RequestsApproved Chrome Extensions for Staff

Gmail picture correction/deletion request – Used to report an incorrect user picture or request a generic  image instead of the one taken by LifeTouch.

Phone Extension on multiple phone request- used to request an additional phone number be added to phone.

Administrative Requests:

The following links should only be used by Administrators (and secretaries acting on behalf of an administrator) please.

The logged in user name is recorded.

Email Group Add/Delete Request – This is used to add or remove individuals from Email groups (such as building lists). 

Account Request (Long term Sub Request)– Used to provide an email account and appropriate access for substitutes (or student teachers). *Please note that these subs do NOT need to be “long term” in a single position. Subs who are here regularly should have an account.


Technology Support Feedback Survey

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