Cover slide from VIP committee report

Citizens committee reports released

Below is a list of reports shared with the Vision for Infrastructure and Planning (VIP) Committee. This citizen’s committee met numerous times from January to March of 2022 to learn more about infrastructure needs in the district and possible financing options.

Information is listed in order by the date it was presented to the committee.

1-13-22 VIP Committee overview of topics 

1-13-22 Recap of 2019 BRICS Bond 

1-20-22 Video of committee building tour of Geer Park Elementary, Henry Ford Elementary and Edsel Ford High

1-20-22 Video of committee building tour of Lowrey K-8, McCollough Elementary and Fordson High

1-20-22 Folder of photos and videos from building tours

2022 District building ages

VIP worksheet with estimated per item cost 

2-10-22 Millage explanation presentation

2-23-22 Enrollment projections

2-23-22 Bond financing and millages 

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