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Dearborn Public Schools strives to be transparent and provide information to our families and residents. In such a large district, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Below are some links and tips for how to find information from the district related to infrastructure and financing.

Again, we will note that information will evolve over time, so if any details conflict, please use the more recent information.

Information specific to facility planning, financing and possible bond

Town Hall presentation 4-19-22

4-11-22 Infrastructure financing report to the Board of Education  The report includes information about sinking funds and general list of needs by building.  

3-23-22 VIP Committee report to the board

Construction Inflation Alert from April 2022

Information shared with the citizens Vision for Infrastructure and Planning (VIP) Committee

1-13-22 VIP Committee overview of topics 

1-31-22 Recap of 2019 BRICS Bond 

1-20-22 Video of committee building tour of Geer Park Elementary, Henry Ford Elementary and Edsel Ford High

1-20-22 Video of committee building tour of Lowrey K-8, McCollough Elementary and Fordson High

1-20-22 Folder of photos and videos from building tours

2022 District building ages

VIP worksheet with estimated per item cost 

2-10-22 Millage explanation presentation

2-23-22 Enrollment projections

2-23-22 Bond financing and millages

Information related to ESSERs and other COVID relief funding 

Also see the COVID funds webpage

Poster of how district is using COVID funds – dated February 2022

Spreadsheet with more details of spending categories – April 21, 2022

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Town town halls, website added to discuss and gather input on facility needs, financing and possible bond posted on April 25, 2022

District buying to HFC buildings to expand Early College high schools posted April 14, 2022

Public survey, info sessions to gather feedback on infrastructure needs and possible funding vote  posted April 12, 2022

Trustees to hold special study session on April 11 to further discuss possible bond  posted on March 30, 2022

Members selected for VIP infrastructure committee posted on Dec. 23, 2021

District taking names for a citizens infrastructure committee posted on Nov. 17, 2021

Transparency Page

While not specifically related to facilities issues, the district’s Transparency Page includes numerous documents related to financial operations in the district including items like budgets, audits, employee contracts and much more.