Early Learning Coalition of Dearborn

The Early Learning Coalition of Dearborn is a collection of community organizations working together to help parents and caregivers help young children thrive physically, emotionally and academically.

  • Empowering families within the community for a healthy life.
  • Fostering family independence and success to nurture life-long learners.
  • Building parent capacity in early childhood development including physical, cognitive and social-emotional areas.
  • Strengthen communication with families about resources and services.
  • Maintain and provide a directory of early childhood resources, supports and services.

A baby smiles as sitting surrounded by toys and books while his mother looks on

Advice from some experts

Children’s brains grow tremendously from birth to age 5. Nurture a strong start with tips on helping young children grow academically, socially and physically.

A woman helps two young children scoop dirt from a tub into cups.

Calendar of events

Learning by doing is a great way to build bonds, nurture curiosity and grow vocabulary. Check out our calendar for free or low-cost events for families.

About us

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