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Online Security

With the holidays fast approaching, a rise in phishing attacks is traditionally seen as well. Phishing attacks can be frustrating to deal with. The best defense is to not fall for them in the first place. Unfortunately, we are seeing phishing attacks because "better"...

RESA Smart Web

RESA has updated the link to SMART web (this is where you can see your paycheck). This may cause some frustration for users if you are using a bookmark. The link from the Staff Page on Dearborn Public Schools website has been updated. Please use that link.


Required courses end as of June 30th every year. [Read time: ~30 seconds]

Summer Updates

Here’s part of what the Technology Department is up to this summer. [Read time: ~1 minute]

Security on Chromebooks

The web remains a fascinating place. It is exciting and ever-changing. Recently, due to security concerns, we had to make some changes to Chromebooks. Any Chromebooks that are used by students are now limited to the DPS network. That is, any and all student...



A recent ruling reminds us all of the importance of following copyright. HISD (Houston ISD from Texas) was recently ordered to pay $9.2 million dollars ($9,200,000) due to copyright infringement. (Just think about what that $9.2 million dollars could be used for). The...