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Dearborn Public Schools Weekly COVID update Jan. 15, 2021. New community cases who had contacts at school: 1, staff 1, students 0. New cases linked to spread at school 0. Schools involved: Geer Park Elementary.

School reopening plan information

Dearborn Public Schools will restart with blended learning for elementary students once our score on the Wayne County Health Department school matrix improves to at least a D and we have two weeks of average positivity rates below 5 percent. Below is the health department’s most recent matrix report and a link to the department’s weekly status report for schools. Both are measures the district will look at when deciding whether to open or keep open across the district. See larger versions of the community matrix and the color-coded spread indicators. Find more specifics about the reopening plan here.

From the Wayne County Health Department 

Wayne County Community Spread Risk Level 

This is a measure of the risk of community spread based on COVID 19 case data collected using the Michigan Diseases Surveillance System database. 

It is a weighted factor based on:

If the county positive rate is less than the normalized rate per 1 million population, the positive rate is not factored in. This follows Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) guidelines. The data in this analysis represents the 42 non-Detroit communities in Wayne County. This measure is based on a 15 day rolling average to the date noted.  

Watching community rates

These unofficial sources provide constantly updated figures for local COVID trends so residents and staff can monitor positivity rates in Wayne County outside Detroit as one of the factors that will impact when schools reopen. We are working with the Wayne County Health Department to get information about community spread in Dearborn.

Other resources

For COVID specific questions, please contact the Wayne County Health Department at 734-287-7870 or email our Dearborn school nurses. Staff or students who have tested positive for COVID-19 need to contact their school office or supervisor. Any one who has symptoms or is considered a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case is strongly encouraged to get tested.

DIstrict Public Hotline for other questions and support from 8-4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday is  313-827-3006 or email is

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