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New Resources available on Discovery Education site

As you are settling into the school year, continue searching out the exciting updates of the Discovery Education Experience (formerly Discovery Education Streaming)! In addition to personalizing your space, be sure to check out the content, creation tool Studio and the compelling content available at your fingertips.  

Going into October, we encourage you to explore these three quick ways to make the most of your Discovery Education Experience:

  • TRENDING: Explore the latest and newest content from Discovery Education through the TRENDING link on your homepage. From timely content, like resources for Hispanic Heritage Month, to a curated list of our most popular channels, including Spanish Language Resources, there are resources here for everyone. Explore Now>>
  • LITERACY: With the goal of literacy being the ability to understand and to be understood, Discovery Education provides resources that support both comprehension and communication. Our Hot Topics page provides practical literacy connections, including our Top 10 SOS list and a printable handout, for you to use and share. Dive In>>
  • CHANNELS: Featuring resources curated by curriculum experts, learn more about Channels on Discovery Education’s most-searched topics.  Learn More>>

Dearborn Public Schools provides a free subscription to all district educators. A link is also available on DEC. To log in click on “Sign in with Google”

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