has some really cool activities that you can do with your child. Here are just a few.

Make Peace Rocks

With school, home, and activities in between, life can sometimes feel chaotic to kids. Help your child learn how to stop and relax with handmade peace rocks. This activity encourages them to tap into their artistic side while learning strategies to find peace every day. 

Fourth Grade Social emotional Activities: Make Peace Rocks

Design Challenge: Making a Boat

In this activity, your child will be tasked to create a boat that can successfully float 25 pennies. They can be creative with how they make their boat and can use any household items. We have given instructions which you can use to guide your child through the design thinking process. We have also given step-by-step instructions for making a boat in case your child is stuck and needs some inspiration.

Preschool Science Activities: Design Challenge: Making a Boat

Design Challenge: Letters of the Alphabet

Reinforce your child’s understanding of the alphabet by helping them construct all of the letters using pipe cleaners. In this design challenge, children channel their inner typographer by constructing their own uppercase or lowercase letters entirely from pipe cleaners. Once they have completed all of the letters, ask them to place them in order from A to Z and recite them! This completed design challenge also displays beautifully.

Preschool Science Activities: Design Challenge: Letters of the Alphabet