In collaboration with the Michigan Department of Education, REL Midwest has created a series of easy-to-use guides designed to help families, afterschool providers, and other caregivers to support their children and students with early reading and early mathematics instruction. Districts may also wish to use these guides to enhance summer programming and assist with accelerated learning efforts for young learners.

The resources include two sets of instructional guides, with one set focused on early reading instruction and the other on early mathematics instruction. Each set comprises four guides. The documents can be shared by local districts with parents and community members to support early literacy and mathematics skill development. Both sets of guides can be found on the MDE website.
Links are included below:
Literacy Guides
Supporting Children’s Reading at Home: Developing Language
Supporting Children’s Reading at Home: Linking Sounds to Letters
Supporting Children’s Reading at Home: Blending Letters, Recognizing, and
Reading Words

Supporting Children’s Reading at Home: Practice Reading for Understanding
Math Guides
• Support Geometry, Patterns, Measurement, and Data Analysis Using a
Developmental Progression

Reinforce Math Concepts by Integrating Math Throughout the Day
Help Children Learn to View and Describe Their World Mathematically
Support Number and Operations Using a Developmental Progression