The Graphics Lab

New Full-color poster printer!

The Graphics Lab has a fantastic NEW piece of equipment! It’s a Variquest Perfecta 2400 Poster Printer that prints using 4 color ink jet technology. You can produce vibrant full-color posters in 3 sizes: Small 13″ x 19″, Medium 18″ x 24, or Large 24″ x 31″. Posters are printed on a heavyweight coated paper – not quite as thick as card stock. The posters laminate well and actually NEED to be laminated to be somewhat waterproof (ink jet inks are water soluble).

Images can be text, linear, solid, photographic, or any combination thereof. Original documents can be paper documents or electronic – a PDF sent via email or brought in on a thumb drive. Once you are satisfied with the first poster, you can set it to print a quantity of up to 99.

The new Poster Printer also includes a software package that is installed on a laptop computer which allows you to create customized, curriculum-based, visual instructional aids that are categorized by curriculum area. You are able to choose a template and change wording, graphics and fonts – then select poster size and send the document directly to the Poster Printer.

Cost of full-color posters is as follows: Small 13″ x 19″ is $2.50, Medium 18″ x 24″ is $3.50 , Large 24″ x 30″ is $4.50.

Technology has passed itself up as far as cost & FULL COLOR posters are actually about the same price to produce as the single color thermal ink posters that the Graphics Lab used to carry. We still have the old poster printer and will continue using it until we run out of the old thermal paper.

Questions? Call Carol at 827-3037