The Graphics Lab

Job Pick-Up

As many of you already know, when I run copy jobs or do other work for the schools, I place completed jobs on the Pick Up Cart in the hallway outside the Graphics Lab door & bill the school. That way I don’t have to be here in order for you to pick up your job.

The Graphics Lab is near the corner of Audette St. and Edgewood St. on the opposite side of the ASC building from the parking lot. Outside door #5 on Edgewood St. is the building access point closest to the Lab – the driveway that leads up to door #5 is used as a loading zone, not for parking. This door is locked for security . . . the Graphics Lab window is to the right, so just knock to be let in.

Your best bet to retrieve a large pick up job is to come when Carol is in the Graphics Lab, since I have a cart and can let you in the outside door – before you come for a pick up, call 827-3063!