The Graphics Lab

Making posters!

One of the most popular activities in the Graphics Lab is poster making! Posters are great for displaying classroom rules, keeping students on track with a concept, or advertising an upcoming event. There are a couple of different ways to make posters . . . with copy machines -OR- with the Poster Printer. At this time, the Graphics Lab doesn’t have the ability to make a large poster from a same size large poster.

Copy machines can only print on a maximum size of 11″ x 17, which is a mini-poster. Print can be all black ink -or- full color & either paper -or- card stock can be used. Another option is to print two halves of an image to make a 17″ x 22″ full color poster, but with a seam down the middle. Cost for copy machine posters will vary, ranging from 10¢ for all black ink on paper and up to $1.00 for full color on card stock – making it considerably more economical than the Poster Printer.

The Poster Printer takes an original that is 8-1/2″ x 11″ and converts it into a single ink color poster on white paper in the following sizes:

  • Large 23″ x 31″ for $4.50, Medium 20″ x 27″ for $3.60, and Small 17″ x 22″ for $2.70.
  • Single ink color choices are: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Hunter, or Maroon.
  • Paper is white and thin (like old fax paper) & usually gets laminated.

Any style poster can be laminated for an additional 35¢ – $1.10 each (or at your school for free!). The BONUS for laminating is being able to use dry erase makers on the laminated poster!

The best original is a page filled with the largest, boldest lettering possible & clean, simple graphics – call Carol to discuss the best way to get your information up there!