The Graphics Lab

Laminating items wider than 25″

laminatorSo you want to laminate something that is wider than the 25″ laminator??  All you have to do is fold the item in half and run it through the laminator.  When you trim it right to the edges, the item will “pop apart”.  Then, if you want the back side laminated, you fold the item in half again – but with the previous laminate back-to-back.  When you trim right to the edges, the item will “pop apart” again!  For edges that don’t come apart, use an X-Acto knife and gently cut just the laminate (not the item).  Also, be careful trimming the folded edge – you could end up with a “fisheye” hole.

The only down side to this method is that you will have a permanent fold seam down the middle of your item, so you won’t want to do this with “good” posters – but for maps or parade banners this is a great solution!

If you are a “hands on” learner or need a project laminated like this, just drop by the Graphics Lab . . . both laminators are always on!