BTOSSchool Zone Safety is our Priority

The Dearborn Police Department, along with the City of Dearborn, and Dearborn Public Schools is working to keep our schools safe. However, we need your help!

It is important for everyone to be cautious when driving near schools or dropping off students. Please read this helpful letter from Dearborn Police Chief Haddad and Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Maleyko for some tips that will make the driving experience around schools safer for everyone!

>> Download the School Zone Safety Letter <<

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Administrative Guidelines 5200

High School Attendance

Students are required to attend classes and keep absences to a minimum.  Habitual absence or tardiness results in serious lapses in the accumulation of knowledge, enrichment, practical and physical skills, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility.  Teachers and administrators consider class attendance and promptness significant components affecting a student’s grade.  Parents and students have a responsibility for attendance and are encouraged to schedule medical and dental appointments, personal business, and vacations outside school hours.

A.        The attendance rules and regulations require a procedure for involving parents or guardian in the validation of the student’s absence.  Therefore, under this attendance practice the parent or guardian is required to call the school to verify the student’s absence within 24 hours or the absence is unexcused.  This procedure applies to all students who are affected by these rules and regulations within the senior high school program of the Dearborn Public Schools.

B.         A student who is over fifteen minutes late to class is considered to be absent.

C.         Two lates (5 to 15 minutes) in a class is considered to be an absence.

D.         Four tardies in a class is considered to be an absence.

E.         All school sponsored activities that take students out of class/school will not be considered an absence under these guidelines.  A listing of such activities will be provided by the individual school’s administration.

F.         In-school suspensions and out-of -school suspensions will not be considered an absence under these guidelines.

G.         When a student has ten (10) or more absences, excused or unexcused in one

semester (based on # 1 thru 4 above) they may receive reduced credit.

  • Credit will not be reduced if the absences have been caused by extenuating circumstances such as illness, hospitalization, surgery, or death in the family.  Vacations do not qualify as extenuating circumstances. Documentation must be submitted as soon as the student returns to school from each and every absence, but no later than 10 school days following the absence. The final determination of “extenuating circumstances” shall be made by the high school principal.
  • A student who receives reduced credit will receive their full credit and their letter grade if they earn a 78% or higher on the end of term common/comprehensive assessment.
  • If the final is not comprehensive, the student will take the test out exam. If the student receives a score of 78% or higher, he/she will receive a grade of “G” and full credit for the course (total of .5 credit).
  • Students who earn reduced credit in a required class will be required to retake the course in either the ASAP program or in summer school to recover the additional .25 credit.
H.        The teacher will meet with each student at five absences and provide the student with written notice indicating that the student has reached five absences.  The student and teacher will sign the form acknowledging this conference. The parents will also be notified in writing that the student has reached five absences by the administration.

I.         A letter will be mailed to parent or guardian when the student reaches 10


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