Reopening Dearborn Public Schools

Reopening plan

The Dearborn Public Schools Board of Education has voted to restart elementary school with a blended program once COVID conditions improve in the community.  Middle and high school students will return hopefully at the start of the second semester in January. (Learn more about the COVID requirements for reopening on our COVID page.)

We do not yet have a date for when elementary schools will reopen.  What we do know of the plan is below.  We will continue to add details here as they are finalized.  Note, this is 2020 so all plans are subject to change.

Steps 1 and 2 

Step 1 – Kindergarten, first and second grade students return to school.  Date still to be determined.

Step 2 – Students in grades three, four and five restart two weeks after Step 1 is launched.

Students will return in a hybrid model attending class two days a week.

  • All schools will divide students into two groups – A and B.
  • Group A will attend at school on Monday and Thursday.  Group B on Tuesday and Friday. Students not at school that day will have asynchronous instruction to complete at home.
  • Students will attend in-school instruction for four hours on their assigned day.
  • Wednesdays will be live online instruction for all students.
  • Busing will be provided.
  • Free meals will continue to be provided for students who want them. (Exact plans still to be determined.)

Step 3

Preschool and GSRP students return to school.  Date to be determined.

      Step 4

      Middle and high school students return at the start of the second semester on Jan. 21, if COVID conditions allow.

      • Orientation events will be held in January for sixth and ninth grade students.
      • Students will be divided into groups to allow for more social distancing in classrooms
      • Students will attend in person for a reduced school day on their assigned day.
      • Students will have asynchronous instruction to complete at home on the days they are not in school.
      • All students will have live online instruction on Wednesdays.
      • Busing will be provided.
      • Free meals will continue to be provided for students who want them. (Exact plans still to be determined.)

      Remote learning

      Until COVID conditions improve, Dearborn Public Schools will continue with the remote learning platforms students have been using since school started this year.  Each child will have a mix of live lessons with a teacher (synchronous work) and recorded lessons and independent work to complete on their own. 

      A girl in a face mask poses outside an elementary school.

      Dearborn Virtual Learning Program

      In an effort to meet the needs of our students who live within the Dearborn Public Schools boundaries and want a virtual learning option, the district will offer a 100% on-line learning alternative for kindergarten through 12th grade students beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.  Students who switch to the Virtual Learning Program, will be taught by Dearborn Public School staff in a 100% virtual setting for the entire school year.  This selection is a year long commitment for the virtual learning program. 

      Our Plan

      District COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

      Dearborn Mitigation Plan

      Face-to-face instruction details

      Extended Learning Plan

      District Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan Public Act 149

      Reconfirmation Meeting

      Required Every 30 Days After Initial Plan Approval

      Facilities & Cleanliness

      Safety protocols and Screening

      التنظيف و التعقيم

      Early Childhood

      Information and Resources

      إعادة فتح المدارس لمرحلة الطفولة المبكرة


      Athletic Protocols

      الألعاب الرياضية

      Special Education

      Information and Resources

      التعليم الخاص

      Food Service

      خدمات الطعام


      Safety Protocols

      الحافلات وعملية نقل الطلاب ‏

      Face Covering Protocols

      أغطية الوجه

      Hygiene Protocols

      النظافة الشخصية

      Testing Protocols

      الفحص الطبي

      Screening Protocols

      الفحص الوقائي


      General information 313-827-3006 or

      Social emotional hotline 313-827-8500 or

      Parent and student tech support 313-827-8400 or

      Student Services 313-827-3005

      Special Education 313-827-7050



      COVID Exposure – when to stay home

      COVID Exposure – when to stay home  (Arabic version)

      Michigan Safe Schools Roadmap 

      Home Learning Hub

      This site is a resource for students and families during online learning.