Welcome to our District
Dearborn Public Schools is an award winning district!

Our Vision, Our Mission, & Our Objectives

Our Vision:

  • We see a school community that supports and builds on the strengths of each student, uses innovative instructional practices, and inspires students to think critically and creatively and practice collaborative behaviors in school and community.
  • We see an educational partnership in which the school staff, families, and members of the community share the responsibility of educating each student in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.
  • We see a continually changing teaching and learning environment that uses technology and research based best practices as a basis for developing and implementing sound educational programs and instructional practices.
  • We see a school community that honors government mandates and insists its students achieve beyond those mandated expectations.
  • We see a school community that respects, appreciates, and celebrates our diversity and similarities.
  • We see a school community that integrates the Core Values, including Honesty, Responsibility, Respect for Self and Others, Integrity, Courtesy, and Citizenship into daily life.

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Dearborn Public Schools, in partnership with families and the community, is to educate all students to high academic standards within a safe, stimulating environment and ensure they are prepared to become productive citizens.

Our Objectives:

  • The Dearborn Public Schools are committed to objectives that identify and frame how the school staff and community will help our students realize our Vision and Mission.
  • 100% of our students will demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge needed to succeed on external measures of assessment as mandated by law, used by the district, or required for post-secondary education.
  • 100% of our students will engage in educational experiences where they will demonstrate the use of critical thinking skills, creativity skills, and collaboration skills.