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Dearborn offers a safe and caring environment for your child.  Dearborn Public Schools offers a variety of services for parents and students from pre-school programs to career and technical training programs. We invite you to call and learn more about our schools, programs, and services: (313)827-3005

Dearborn Public Schools provides a first class education.  We have a variety of programs from early college and dual enrollment to career and technical education.  Check out the programs we offer for your child.

School Options and ContactsView more middle school and high school options for students. Get contact information and phone numbers.
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Dearborn Public Schools is committed to student success, providing safe learning environments, and being good stewards of public support.

Budget Transparancy

View our financial information. Budget Documents, Bargaining Agreements, Operating Expenditures, and more.

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View school improvement plans and Annual Education Reports.

Our Beliefs

The Dearborn Public Schools are committed to a set of beliefs regarding quality teaching, learning, and learning organizations, our hopes and expectations for our schools and community, and our desire to ensure successful realization of our Vision, Mission, and Organizational Objectives.

We believe all students…

  • Can learn and will learn based on their different needs, wants, styles, and visions for success.
  • Need active support from their family, school staff, and the community.
  • Will learn to appreciate differences and similarities and to practice good citizenship from educators, families, and the community.
  • Must have equal opportunities to learn and choices about how to learn through effective educational programming.
  • Must have well maintained instructional facilities that support their learning needs.
  • Must be ensured of sound financial and fiscal planning and support for their educational needs.
  • Shall attend schools that have met external accreditation standards.
  • Need and will be provided a nurturing learning environment

Further, we believe Dearborn Public Schools graduates and staff members shall…

  • Proficiently use critical thinking skills.
  • Effectively listen and communicate.
  • Competently use current technologies for learning and creative problem solving.
  • Skillfully solve significant learning problems.
  • Actively model the Core Values.
  • Skillfully participate as contributing members of their community
  • Actively plan and implement life-long learning experiences.

Latest News

  • World War II Veteran Awarded High School Diploma 70 Years After Joining Marines +

    When Manley Cox left Dearborn in September 1943 to join the U.S. Marines Corps and serve in World War II, he had just one regret, the 17-year-old would not be Read More
  • Schools Welcome Senior Citizens: Premier Citizen Discount Cards Available +

    The Dearborn Public Schools has a tradition of welcoming and encouraging senior citizen residents to attend school events by offering free admission and other special discounts via the Premier Citizen Read More
  • Edsel Ford High School Field House Dedication and Annual Military Appreciation Event on September 19 +

    Students, athletes, and visitors attending sporting events at Edsel Ford High School are enjoying a new field house and concession area. The public is welcome to tour the new facility Read More
  • Dearborn Public Schools Open House Schedule +

    The Dearborn Public Schools will welcome students back to school on Tuesday, September 2. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend their child’s school Open House later in the month Read More
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Late Arrival Day - All Grades
Oct 01, 2014


No School - Vacation
Oct 03, 2014


No School - Vacation
Oct 06, 2014


Secondary Card Marking Period 1 Ends
Oct 10, 2014


P-12 Board Meeting
Oct 13, 2014 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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